Three Session Debrief Package


Sometimes following a difficult or negative experience across the perinatal period, more support is needed. I strongly believe in the power of one session and for some this is sufficient but for some, more time is needed. 

The three session package is a way to get this and to break down and work through lived experiences that impacted the road to parenting and continue to linger. The aim of the three sessions is to work through these experiences feeling heard and understood and working on the different aspects as they present through the conversation.

The sessions can be used for whatever you like, they can be used to discuss current issues or concerns around parenting, more historic issues such as issues around conception or pregnancy, they can be used to make plans for an upcoming birth following trauma or simply as birth preparation or to work through birth trauma in a guided and supported manner over an extended period. It is your time to use as you wish. 

You will have one hour long session a month over 3 months and monthly email support for guidance and advice. 


The sessions will be broken up into three, this is a general overview but I will follow your lead continuously and be led by your needs. 

Reflect - This is the opportunity to discuss what happened and when, we will go into detail of your experiences to gain an understanding of where we will be starting and getting a deeper insight into how this has affected you and ways in which it may continue to do so.

We will end this session with some exercises to undertake before the following session.

Reframe - This session is where we will work on looking at alternative ways in which you can view your experience. This will be gaining an understanding of clinical events, emotional impacts, physical and mental wellbeing. 

Redefine - The final session will be where will wrap up the previous two sessions and create a clear plan going forward for you to be able to go fourth with understanding, confidence and a different outlook on your experience. This does not mean that you will not still be aware of the impact of your experience, I would never promise that but hopefully with listening, validation and understanding you will carry it with you differently. 

Along with email support you will receive a personalised journal to use during and between our sessions in order to not only track your progress but to look back on for reminders and other information. 

If you go ahead and book, you will have access to my diary to schedule in your sessions. Once you have done that I will send you a booking form with some general questions for you to give me a little bit of information before we start.


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